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So I was listening to the Original Cast Recording of Grease with John Barrowman today on the way home from work. I had this indescribable idea for a story. This could be proof of either (a)I've been reading too much crack!fic or (b)I'm really, really, REALLY losing it. hehe

Anyways... now I want a TW/Grease fic with Jack as Danny and Ianto as Sandy (but as a guy obviously). Any takers? Or anyone know of a TW Bunny community I could post this at?

For my friends only, I'd be willing to share the mp3s of the CD if it'll convince someone to write this. *gives puppy eyes*
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Look at my gorgeous new header!!! The incredible and amazing [ profile] nanoa made it for me. :D

I wanted something to reflect the fandoms I'm in right now and she did an incredible job putting it together. :D Look at how beeeeeeuuuuuutiiiiifuuuullll Methos, Captain Jack, Ianto, Lex, Brian and Justin all look together! :D *dreamy happy sighs*

I think I'm going to just sit and stare at it for a bit. hehe
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I haven't written any kind of reviews or thoughts about episodes before but...

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I finally finished watching all 3 seasons of Doctor Who, just need to see the Christmas special before the new season starts.

Just a few random thoughts...

- Surprisingly, I liked 9 over 10 as the Doctor.  10 is more attractive (which I'm truthful and usually go for), but 9 came across more fun and relaxed.

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My best friend and sister are TEH EVOL!!!!

My best friend's daughter got her a seal Webkinz for Christmas.  She's always telling us about how cute it is playing with it on line and the games and all.  My sister ended up breaking down and got herself an elephant, but she couldn't stop there.  She got me a beagle, too - because I used to have a beagle.  I named my Webkinz beagle after my beagle-Lee Bear.  And you know what....


It doesn't help that I ended up getting a new one today.  *grins*  I got a Himalayan cat.  :)  I needed a unique name for him sooo.... after reading this Torchwood fic yesterday ( I named him Ianto. :D

For the fic... even if you don't know anything about Torchwood, but like LOLcats.... I definitely recommend reading it. :D  I was literally ROTFLMAO!  (And I know I saw that story recced by someone on my list but forget who it was.  If you're out there, please let me know... I owe you a HUGE thanks for that *grins*)
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Finished the last couple episodes of Torchwood Season 1 tonight and couldn't wait to watch Season 2 episode 1.  I was going to watch it tomorrow... but... the show is freaking addicting!  :D

Jack actually kind of reminds me of Han Solo a bit. ;)  Only, not quite as cocky, but a bit more complex.  Just as gorgeous though.

I really can't think of anything to sum up the show or anything right now.  Still kinda on a high.  Though, I hope we get to see more of Ianto.  Out of the five, he's the only one we never learned much about.

Only thing is... I have a habit of wanting to crossover my fandoms (Highlander, Smallville, Queer as Folk).  Now.... I want to see either a manip or story with Methos, Lex, Brian, and Jack. ;D  I think I just found an OT4. *grins*

And somebody please... PLEASE stop me from being interested in more shows.  I have a hard enough time keeping up with the fandoms of the 3 4 I have now.  Though, it is sooooooo nice to actually join a fandom early enough in its 'birth'.  The other 3 were either over or a few seasons in before I found interest or had a rebirth in interest in the case of Highlander.

So.... all my Torchwood friends... I will actually be able to join in discussions and know what's going on now. :D

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I'm finally getting around to watching Torchwood.... season 1.  Just watched ep 1 tonight.  Hopefully will get through the rest of the season over the weekend, then I can watch season 2, ep 1... and maybe even stay caught up.  :)

Not much to say yet.  So far... I love the music and humor.  Totally love Jack. :D   Very interesting creatures.  I love sci-fi, so I can't wait to see more.

Only thing is... if they can have a pterodactyl flying around, why can't I have a pet T-Rex?  *pouts*

I may write more as I watch... never know.


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