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Just two quick bits of info. has a huge sale on select DVDS, including Smallville and Supernatural season sets.  SV are around $24.00 each season, and I think Supernatural was $34.00 each.  They have a bunch of other tv sets on sale too.

I noticed a lot of people are doing a book reading meme.  A few years ago, I joined an online book club that I've really liked.  It's at  They have a very good selection of books and are constantly updating with new releases.  This is a brief explanation of how it works from the website (right now, the fee is $9.95 per month + sales tax):

Zooba charges a recurring membership fee, which includes one book per month and no additional charge for shipping and handling. Plus, with the "Buy now" feature, you can always buy additional books at the same low, flat price with free shipping. Don't let your membership go to waste: keep your Reading List full of books to ensure you'll always receive your regular book shipment.
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Don't know if anyone is looking for memory cards at all.  I do a lot of shopping on and they have a lot of SD and Compact Flash cards pretty cheap right now.

They have 8 GB SD cards for as low as $29.99, and Compact Flash for $39.99.  They also have a 16 GB Compact Flash for around $54.00 that I am seriously thinking of getting for using with my Dell Axim PDA.  If anyone wants to take a look, the memory cards are here.

I really love buying from Newegg.  They are like one of THE best electronics sites.  Their prices are usually the lowest I find, and when I'm looking for electronics/techy type stuff, I do a lot of research before buying.  I have never had any problems with any purchases and it always arrives pretty quickly... usually in a week or less.
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I've been picking up new sheets little by little over the past month or so.  Back in August, I got  a new matress and decided to get new sheets then and got some good ones... 300 count from Walmart.  Not much more expensive than a regular set.  But soooooooooooo much softer and more comfortable!  (Seriously... stories about Lex Luthor or Brian Kinney being picky about sheets.... they're RIGHT!)  I also got a couple 500 count top sheets on clearance too.

I just put a new set on tonight and my new bedskirt and comforter.  How bad is it that I have 300 and 500 count sheets and..... a Superman comforter on my bed.  Let's not forget my stuffed animals at the head of my bed. *grins*

Does this mean I have a decadent inner-child? lol
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Today had to be the funnest day shopping I have ever had.  Even though I do go shopping almost every Saturday, it's not too often I really have fun doing it.  I was just hitting all the right sales/clearance sales. *grins*

It started at Payless.  I got 2 new pair of sandals, one about 3 inch heal wedgies (black straps over the toes and buckles around the ankle), the other 2 inch skinny heals (rainbow striped strap over toes and front of ankle, plain white elastic strap on back).  They were on clearance for $6.00 each, and my sister had a 10% off coupon. :)

Next was Staples.  I got a stereo headphone/handsfree set for my cell on clearance for $4.50 and a bluetooth headset for $9.50 - both are Jabra brand. :D  Both work perfectly for my phone too. *grins*

After that was Fashion Bug... the only clothes store I really love shopping in.  My family is in there so often and have been shopping there for so long that the sales people know us and look forward to seeing us.  Is that a good or bad thing? lol  I just adore Fashion Bug.  I usually get at least one $10 off of $10 coupon a month from them, then I get rebate coupons with my credit card.  And their sales and clearance prices are THE BEST!  I got a pair of pants and 7 tops for around $23.00.  I don't think I EVER paid full price for anything from that store. :D

To end it, we had to make our weekly stop at Walmart.  My favorite purchase today..... my Superman comforter!!!!!!!  And it was on clearance for $16.00!!!!!  It was normally $40.00!!  :D :D :D :D :D :D :D   (Did I overdo the smilies a bit? *grins*)  Now all I gotta do is get my sheet set yet and I'll be happy.  (and wait for the Transformer bedding to go on clearance *grins*) (yes I refuse to grow up) ;)

So I am quite the happy gal tonight. :D  Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


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