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Look at my gorgeous new header!!! The incredible and amazing [ profile] nanoa made it for me. :D

I wanted something to reflect the fandoms I'm in right now and she did an incredible job putting it together. :D Look at how beeeeeeuuuuuutiiiiifuuuullll Methos, Captain Jack, Ianto, Lex, Brian and Justin all look together! :D *dreamy happy sighs*

I think I'm going to just sit and stare at it for a bit. hehe
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Ok... so I watched The Source last night.

Only thing I can say.... Methos looks REALLY, REALLY great in leather!  And on a motorcycle! :D

That's all. *grins*


Any time a movie feels they need to verbally explain the WHOLE plot to you at the end... the movie did NOT do it's job. :P

I'm not gonna cry about missing 2 hours of my life because of it (because it was taped and I fastforwarded through commercials so it was only about an hour and a half *grins*), but I VERY  highly doubt I will ever watch it again.

Next time I am in desperate need of a Peter/Methos fix... I'll just pull out my series DVDs or watch the Wedding Dress. ;)
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Look at all my new beautiful Methos/Highlander icons!  All the pretty, yummy neck porn!  *points to most favoritest new icon* *drools*

They were made by the most awesome [profile] tes_fic.

Here's the rest:

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I was finally able to get some pics to make the Methos icon I've been dreaming of.  ;)  *points to icon*

Isn't he just delicious!?  *drools*

I worship that sweater!  *grins*
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I'm not afraid to ask/beg/plead. *grins*

Thanks to [profile] roxymissrose and [personal profile] serafina20, I have developed a love for Whitney.  Could someone pretty please make me a pretty Whitney icon or at least get me some good caps that I can make one myself.

For Highlander, there is a specific cap I want but haven't found online and my DVD-rom is giving me problems making caps.  It's from the Jimmy scene in Comes a Horseman.  After the fight between Duncan and Methos, they both take their coats off and Methos' sweater is pulled down some.  It's at 38 minutes 7-10 seconds into the episode.  Because of this scene, I developed a SERIOUS love for Peter Wingfields collarbone.  *grins*  I would really love a cap of those few seconds to make an icon from.

If anyone can help me, I'd be eternally grateful. :D

ETA:  Thanks to [personal profile] lapetite_kiki I have Whitney caps. :D


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