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Just had to share some sports glee.... ;D

Busy sports night in my house.  Penn State played at 6 pm, the Cubs and Pirates came on at 7 pm, then the NASCAR race from Richmond started at 7:30 pm.  We needed 3 tvs tonight!  lol

To quote Meatloaf... tonight, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

Penn State beat Notre Dame 31 - 10.  Started off a little rocky, but PSU pulled it out! :D  (Did you see my shiny new icon. *grins*  Played around with some effects this time. hehehe)

Then my Cubbies beat my Dad's Pirates 5 - 1 and Zambrano got his 15th win. Weeeee!!!!!!!  :D  Didn't watch much of the game though because *gasp* my Dad actually left it on the Penn State game except at half time!  Major win. lol

The NASCAR race did NOT end like I wanted it too though. :(  My baby, Dale Jr. was running awesome till 6 laps to go... then his engine blew!  :(  *pouts*  Now he's out of the chase for the championship.  Waaahhhh!!!!

That's about all for me. :) 
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Very nice sports weekend for me. :)

Penn State football's season kicked off with a bang. They won 34-19 over Akron. The first touchdown pass, a 42-yard pass, was just absolutely gorgeous!

In NASCAR, Kasey Kahne won both the Busch and Nextell races in California. He desperately needed the win Sunday night to make the Chase. He's not in the top 10 yet, but he's got one more race and only 30 points to make up now. And Dale Jr. came in seconds on Sunday's race. :)

Only bummer, my Cubbies lost both games. :( There's always next year. <---- every Cubs fan mantra *grins*


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