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Look at my gorgeous new header!!! The incredible and amazing [ profile] nanoa made it for me. :D

I wanted something to reflect the fandoms I'm in right now and she did an incredible job putting it together. :D Look at how beeeeeeuuuuuutiiiiifuuuullll Methos, Captain Jack, Ianto, Lex, Brian and Justin all look together! :D *dreamy happy sighs*

I think I'm going to just sit and stare at it for a bit. hehe
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Ok... so I watched The Source last night.

Only thing I can say.... Methos looks REALLY, REALLY great in leather!  And on a motorcycle! :D

That's all. *grins*


Any time a movie feels they need to verbally explain the WHOLE plot to you at the end... the movie did NOT do it's job. :P

I'm not gonna cry about missing 2 hours of my life because of it (because it was taped and I fastforwarded through commercials so it was only about an hour and a half *grins*), but I VERY  highly doubt I will ever watch it again.

Next time I am in desperate need of a Peter/Methos fix... I'll just pull out my series DVDs or watch the Wedding Dress. ;)
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Look at all my new beautiful Methos/Highlander icons!  All the pretty, yummy neck porn!  *points to most favoritest new icon* *drools*

They were made by the most awesome [profile] tes_fic.

Here's the rest:

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I was finally able to get some pics to make the Methos icon I've been dreaming of.  ;)  *points to icon*

Isn't he just delicious!?  *drools*

I worship that sweater!  *grins*
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I'm not afraid to ask/beg/plead. *grins*

Thanks to [profile] roxymissrose and [personal profile] serafina20, I have developed a love for Whitney.  Could someone pretty please make me a pretty Whitney icon or at least get me some good caps that I can make one myself.

For Highlander, there is a specific cap I want but haven't found online and my DVD-rom is giving me problems making caps.  It's from the Jimmy scene in Comes a Horseman.  After the fight between Duncan and Methos, they both take their coats off and Methos' sweater is pulled down some.  It's at 38 minutes 7-10 seconds into the episode.  Because of this scene, I developed a SERIOUS love for Peter Wingfields collarbone.  *grins*  I would really love a cap of those few seconds to make an icon from.

If anyone can help me, I'd be eternally grateful. :D

ETA:  Thanks to [personal profile] lapetite_kiki I have Whitney caps. :D
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They have the most persistent sales people.  I got a call from them this evening.  At first, he just started talking about the new movie coming out and the 20th anniversary of the original HL movie.  Then I made the mistake of saying I'd love to have Methos' sword.  He went on for a half hour trying to get me to reserve one for when they get them back in stock.

The deal wasn't bad... $299.00 over 3 monthly payments and I really would love to have it, but I have no place to put it and the price is still a bit high for me.   It's also a bit more as far as collectibles that I'm interested in.  I prefer smaller items, like DVDs, pictures, cds, collector plates, things like that.  I finally got him to give up by asking what else they could offer a sale on. lol  Still nothing I wanted though, but it got him off the phone.

I did think it was really cool that they are calling past customers to let them know about the new movie.  He said it's in LionGate's hands now and is supposed to be released to theaters everyone in the end of February or March.  I just can't wait to see Methos on the big screen!  :D


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