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It doesn't happen too often, but once in a while my Boss/almost brother-in-law does know what he's doing.  My Christmas/end of the year bonus/present this year was one of them.  :D

Now, my Boss is a major gadget man.  Whether he needs it or not, if there is a new gadget out, he has to have one - be it a phone, computer, printer... whatever.  A few months ago he got himself a new mini-laptop.  I got to play with it a bit and fell in love. lol  I'm not much of a person for laptops for every day use, but this was on just so small, but still pretty easy to use that I just wanted one.

Guess what my present was.... my very own Acer Aspire One laptop/netbook!!!!!!!  :D  I had a feeling I was getting one because if my boss didn't get it, my sister already told me she'd get it for me. hehe :D  And it's such a pretty shade of blue too. :D

Needless to say, I have been having fun with it since I got home from work (which also was nice that I only worked a half day).

I have named him Ianto. :D  *grins*  My desktop is already Kal-El and my PDA Lexie.

But now, just because I am going to bed, doesn't mean my LJ/IJ time has to end. lol  I usually end up staying up in bed for an hour to two reading on my PDA anyways.  Now, I can do it on a bigger screen.  :D

I've been VERY happy today!!! :D

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Don't know if anyone is looking for memory cards at all.  I do a lot of shopping on and they have a lot of SD and Compact Flash cards pretty cheap right now.

They have 8 GB SD cards for as low as $29.99, and Compact Flash for $39.99.  They also have a 16 GB Compact Flash for around $54.00 that I am seriously thinking of getting for using with my Dell Axim PDA.  If anyone wants to take a look, the memory cards are here.

I really love buying from Newegg.  They are like one of THE best electronics sites.  Their prices are usually the lowest I find, and when I'm looking for electronics/techy type stuff, I do a lot of research before buying.  I have never had any problems with any purchases and it always arrives pretty quickly... usually in a week or less.
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A few weeks ago, the PDA my nephew gave me to use started giving out. :P  The power button didn't always work until finally, it came almost all the way off.  So I started searching around ebay to see what I could see.  Considering that it's mainly going to be used for reading fanfic, I didn't want to spend a lot and had my heart broken 4 times before I finally won one last Monday. :D  (Gosh, that last minute of bidding is SUCH an adrenalin rush! *grins*)

It came yesterday!!! :D  After doing my little happy dance, I started playing around with it. :)  It's a Dell Axim X50v and so far works very well.  It's got wi-fi built in so I can use the internet in bed.  It's also got a 624 Mhz processor which means I can also watch fan vids on it! :D  And they play as clear and as smoothly as my PC.  I just have to carry headphones with me. *grins*

I'm going to be having so much fun now!!! :D
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First off... got Kickin' It Old Skool.... so I can FINALLY see it! :D  Probably will watch tonight.

Secondly... got a new monitor for my computer. :D  It's a 20" LCD flatscreen. :D  OMG....going from a 17", 7 year old monitor to this... WEEEEEEEEEE!  *grins*  It's the same size as my TV in my bedroom though. lol  But now... it'll be so much fun watching fanvids and dvds... and looking at manips. :)

*iz happy*
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Ok... not really anything important, but Yahoo Mail now has unlimited storage! :D

Personally, out of my 101 free web mail accounts, I love Yahoo.  I've had the least problems (like VERY minimal) with it.  I despise Hotmail, Netscape is ok, but can still use some improvements, and G-mail just confuses me.

So for Yahoo to now have unlimited storage... SQUEEEE!

Ok... I'm easily amused. *grins*
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My new computer is done!  *bounces happily*

After 2 weeks of VGA, crappy color, not being able to do 90% of things on my comptuer, I'm so completely ECSTATIC!!!!!!!!!

It only took my brother about an hour and a half to build it.  Didn't run into any problems except with one fan, but easily fixed.  Then he installed XP and a few other programs and updated everything for me.

I feel like I'm gonna get blown away by this computer now!  LOL  Only thing I hate is having to transfer all my data and reinstalling the programs.

I'm just soooooooo happy to actually be able to see pictures on my comptuer again! :D
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All the parts came in.  I just got to pick up a few from Radio Shack, take everything to my brothers, and tomorrow... I'll have a shiny new computer all ready to go!

I'm gonna hug him, and squeeze him, and pat him on his top and call him Kal-El (on our network) *grins*

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*GRINS*  Check out my new keyboard I ordered for my computer here.  I can't wait to get it now. :D

And my brother got pretty much everything figured out for my computer.  It's gonna be under $700.00 without a monitor.  I'll get the monitor a bit later.  It's gonna have a P4 3.4 GHZ processor, 1 GB Ram (will upgrade to 2 GB after I get this paid down a bit) and 500 GB hard drive (will add another 500 GB hard drive a bit later too).  I'm taking the DVD burner drive from my computer now to put in it and just getting a basic dvd/cd rom as well.

I can't wait till tomorrow to order everything now!!!! :D

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I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hate computers. :P

Monday night I installed some games from Shockwave and was checking to see if they would work on my computer.  My computer is 7 years old with ancient graphic cards and all that junk so a lot of new games don't play.  Usually it'll just come up with a box saying the graphic card is not good enough or something and not run the game.  The one game totally screwed up my graphic card or something.  It starts up and goes through the Windows screen, but before it gets to the logon screen, the whole thing goes black, but doesn't freeze up because the keyboard still works.

My brother (who is pretty much a comptuer wiz *grins*) came over and looked at it last night.  He tried reinstalling the graphic drivers, updating the drivers, and changing a few settings.  The only thing that works is..... VGA MODE!!!! OMG!!!!

Thus the reason I feel like I de-evolved 20 years!  UGH!  It's HORRIBLE!!!!!

It's going to happen sooner than I planned, but I'll be getting a new computer now.  My brother is speccing one out for me so he can build it. :D  Hopefully he'll get it all planned out so I can order the parts by Friday.  If I have to go on much longer with my ancient computer, I'll cry!  :P

*wants to sleep for a few years and hopefully wake up to a better life* *grins*

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My nephew gave me his old Compaq IPaq to use to put stories on to read at night instead of using my phone.  He got a new one a while ago and I guess just thought about letting me use the old one.  :D  And yes, he knows I'm reading slash. lol  He even came up with an idea for a background/menu theme for me with Clark and Lex that he said he'll put on for me. *grins*

I just love my nephew.  hehehe


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