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Every year when [ profile] orionrezil gets his tax refund back, we have a day out together (I do his taxes for him lol). Today was our day, did movies & dinner.

We went to see Seventh Son. It was such a fun fantasy movie, with some pretty cool effects, especially the dragons. And of course, Ben Barnes, who I swear has not aged (possibly de-aged) since The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Still so very pretty!

Then, for dinner... something new for me: sushi! I love seafood, but sushi never appealed to me. Ori pretty much hates fish, but likes sushi. O.O Yeah... not asking. So, we decided to do sushi for dinner. OMGNOMMMMMS!!!!! Soooo good! Can not wait to go again. Though, with how expensive it it, it'll be a while. :( But it was definitely a fun treat and a very fun day. :D
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I'm a half hour late, but ah well.

Happy New Year! :D

Hope everyone had fun celebrating. :D

2008 was decent for me. There were some really good times and some really bad times. I had the pleasure of meeting some new friends here and getting to know some a lot better.

Have a good 2009, all. ♥
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It doesn't happen too often, but once in a while my Boss/almost brother-in-law does know what he's doing.  My Christmas/end of the year bonus/present this year was one of them.  :D

Now, my Boss is a major gadget man.  Whether he needs it or not, if there is a new gadget out, he has to have one - be it a phone, computer, printer... whatever.  A few months ago he got himself a new mini-laptop.  I got to play with it a bit and fell in love. lol  I'm not much of a person for laptops for every day use, but this was on just so small, but still pretty easy to use that I just wanted one.

Guess what my present was.... my very own Acer Aspire One laptop/netbook!!!!!!!  :D  I had a feeling I was getting one because if my boss didn't get it, my sister already told me she'd get it for me. hehe :D  And it's such a pretty shade of blue too. :D

Needless to say, I have been having fun with it since I got home from work (which also was nice that I only worked a half day).

I have named him Ianto. :D  *grins*  My desktop is already Kal-El and my PDA Lexie.

But now, just because I am going to bed, doesn't mean my LJ/IJ time has to end. lol  I usually end up staying up in bed for an hour to two reading on my PDA anyways.  Now, I can do it on a bigger screen.  :D

I've been VERY happy today!!! :D


Oct. 19th, 2008 02:43 pm
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I don't normally dream a lot, and when I do, I don't usually remember much about them. Just some vague impressions and images. Rarely do I recall full details.

So many people on my flist have been having dreams about Michael Rosenbaum. Me... nada, zip, zero, zilch. When I first started rewatching Highlander on Spike a few years ago, I was constantly haunted by dreams of Peter Wingfield or Methos. Bad thing was... All I could remember was that he was in them. NO details at all. That went on for almost a month. And caused me to start my second attempt at fanfic (first was a Seven Days fic that died a rather horrible death :P). But I started the fic, the dreams stopped. Good? Bad? Dunno... but I hate having dreams and only knowing someone was in them but nothing else.

So, I've spent years watching Michael on SV with absolutely no dreams. I spend one week watching season 1 of House... I'm dreaming that I'm kissing Jesse Spencer (Chase) in the woods! ArGHHH!!!! Not that I don't think Jesse is good looking. And I love his accent (I'm a sucker for Aussie's hehe), but he's still not MICHAEL!!!!! I want a Michael dream. *pouts*
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Comment and I'll give you a letter.
Then you have to list ten things you LOVE that begin with that letter.
Afterward, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own.

I have 4 letters to do. I had to break it up into 2 posts because of length. This is part one. I'll do part two tomorrow (later Friday). :)

This meme brought to you by the letters R and P )
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Ok...  [personal profile] ferdalumptagged me like ages ago for this and for some reason... I just kept forgetting about it.  *begs for  [personal profile] ferdalump's forgiveness*

1. Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.
3. At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people. 

I already did the 5 quirks meme (twice) here and here, so I'm going to try and come up with some more weird things about me. lol

1 - Until I was in 8th or 9th grade, my hair was past my ass.  I always wanted to let it grow really long, to the floor, like Crystal Gayle's.  I just got so tired of it and started getting it cut.  Now, it's VERY short, so short, the back is usually cut with clippers.

2 - I'm VERY picky about my cds being in alphabetical order, a few artists must remain in release order too.

3 - I've never been without at least one pet my whole life.  We always had at least one cat or one dog.  At one time, we had a cat, dog, 2 chameleons, 1 gecko, 12 hermit crabs, 2 green tree frogs, 5 birds, and TONS of fish.  Now, we just have a cat and a dog.

4 - I did not have my own bedroom until I was 29.  Having 7 kids (5 girls and 2 boys) in a small 3 bedroom house doesn't allow for much personal space.

5 - I love doing various crafts, but usually only do them for a short period of time before switching to something else.  Working on one type of craft for too long bores me.

6 - I became an aunt for the first time when I was 5.  I have 9 nephews and only 1 niece, and 1 niece-in-law since the oldest nephew got married this past Saturday. :D

7 - I will eat peanut butter on sandwiches with a lot of different (some say odd) things - jam/jelly, bananas, bologna, plain potato chips, popcorn, various cereals, plain pasta, and once... pepperoni (long story but actually wasn't too bad lol).

8 - Before I fell in love with Michael Rosenbaum, my favorite actors were always at least 10 years older than me, but usually closer to 15 or 20 (or more).

That's all.  (Geesh... that was tough. lol)  And I'm gonna be nice and not tag anyone.
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I almost forgot until I saw a post by [profile] smevaliciousabout her LJ anniversary being today too.  Happy 2 years to both of us! hehehe

Funny thing is... I used to avoid online journals like the plague.  Now... I almost go through withdrawal if I'm away for more than a few hours. *grins*  It's been so much fun meeting and getting to know so many awesome people. :D
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Thank you everyone for all the lovely Birthday wishes. It really made my day. :D

Thank you [personal profile] morganichele for the cupcake and [personal profile] jans_intentions for the carnation. :D My profile look yummy and pretty. :) hehe

And thank you to my big sis, [personal profile] qafmaniac for my totally awesome and giddiness inducing video to Pat Monahan's Ooh My My and Savage Garden's Truly Madly Deeply, two of my favorite songs! Even if you're not a Queer as Folk fan, I recommend checking the vid out. It's above and beyond awesome and can be found here:

As for my day... It went so much better than last year. Those who were around last year, you probably remember my kitty, Moose, was sick and I had to leave him at the vets. A year later makes a huge difference. He had his check up this past Saturday and he's doing great. He can even come off the prescription cat food as long as he stays on a brand name urinary tract cat food.

My family doesn't really do anything for birthdays, but my one sis did give me some money (yay! Money is never bad. lol) She's also taking me to lunch tomorrow at Red Lobster. :) And my one nephew is taking me to dinner next Thursday and we're going to see Indiana Jones, too. :D *does happy dance* My boss/brother-in-law surprised me this afternoon. He went to the grocery store next to our office and got a cake. I think it was because he was hungry for cake and used me as an excuse to buy it. lol But it was very sweet of him.

That's all. :D *hugs my flist*
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[personal profile] herohunter asked me:

What would be your dream profession?

As goofy as it is, I'm doing it - doing clerical/office work.  Growing up, two of my sisters worked as office managers and I'd go to work with them once in a while.  I loved seeing them work.  Not a fancy, exciting job, but it was something I liked.

Other than that, I'd love to find a way making money writing poetry.  I've always loved writing, but I don't share much of it so that could be a problem. lol  I'm rather self-conscious of my poems.  I do have one I posted way back in the beginning of my LJ here.  I may share some more later on. 
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[personal profile] tasabian asked me:  What song ALWAYS has the power to lift your spirits & make you dance around?

I  had to really think about this one.  I don't really have just one specific song, but more like songs by certain groups/singers.  Especially anything by Train, Bryan Adams, Queen, and Queensryche.

But if I had to pick a song or songs, definitely either "Get to Me" or "Save the Day" by Train.  Both have just the goofiest lyrics and great beats to them.  I will ALWAYS sing and dance to them.
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Everyone else is doing this and sometimes I feel like begin a lemming. *grins*

Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it. Ask for anything: latest movie watched, last book read, favorite type of underwear, life experiences etc. Repost in your own journal so that we can all learn more about each other. 

Hit me with your best questions.  :D
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The other day [ profile] roxymissrose shared some pictures of her Superman collection and I promised pictures of my own... of whatever I collect. lol Which is anything that grabs my attention. So... here you go. :D

clicky for piccies )
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My best friend and sister are TEH EVOL!!!!

My best friend's daughter got her a seal Webkinz for Christmas.  She's always telling us about how cute it is playing with it on line and the games and all.  My sister ended up breaking down and got herself an elephant, but she couldn't stop there.  She got me a beagle, too - because I used to have a beagle.  I named my Webkinz beagle after my beagle-Lee Bear.  And you know what....


It doesn't help that I ended up getting a new one today.  *grins*  I got a Himalayan cat.  :)  I needed a unique name for him sooo.... after reading this Torchwood fic yesterday ( I named him Ianto. :D

For the fic... even if you don't know anything about Torchwood, but like LOLcats.... I definitely recommend reading it. :D  I was literally ROTFLMAO!  (And I know I saw that story recced by someone on my list but forget who it was.  If you're out there, please let me know... I owe you a HUGE thanks for that *grins*)
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[personal profile] qafmaniac tagged me for more quirks.  And I just can't say no to her! ;)

No including my quirks she already knows - fear of centepedes and love of Brian Kinney's/Gale Harold's tongue (see icon, plz, kthnx) ;)....

1.  I have always wanted a pet T-Rex. *grins*  I'd have it trained very well though so it'd only eat people that piss me off.   *evil grins*

2.  I have always gotten along better with people at least 10 years or more older than me, than people my own age.  Even today, my best friend is old enough to be my mom (she's about 26-27 years older than me).  That even includes people on line.

3.  According to my nephew, I'm obsessed with the Eiffel Tower, even though I have never seen and probably never will see it.  Just because I have posters, calendars, models, 3-D puzzles, knives, and jewelry of it... that doesn't make me obsessed, does it? *grins*

4.  My two dream vacations will probably never happen because I have a huge fear of flying and the ocean.  One is to visit Australia.  The other is to travel all over Europe, visiting as many castles as possible.

5.  If I could eliminate any animal at all, it would be sharks.  I have never seen one in person, but I hate them with a passion.
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Snagged from [ profile] wachey

My Female Villan and Super Heros:

Cut for kinda large pics )
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I was tagged by [profile] fortuna_phoenix.

So here goes:

1.  I have a pen obsession.  It doesn’t matter how many I have, if I see a pretty colored or odd pen, I have to have it.  I think I inherited this fixation from my dad.  lol


2.  I have an odd fascination with heavy machinery… especially backhoes and excavators.  I love watching shows about them.  The bigger the better. ;)  I made my mom stop at a construction site once so I could take pictures of the machines there.


3.  Even though I really have no more room for more, I refuse to stop buying stuffed animals. *grins*  I just refuse to grow up.  Most are named after athletes, actors or characters.


4.  I have a habit of liking underdogs/unknowns, in sports and movies/television.  My favorite sports team is the Chicago Cubs.  ‘Nuff said. hehehe  Most of my favorite actors are not popular/main stream/blockbuster actors.


5.  I hate to go to bed at night, but once I’m in bed, I don’t want to wake up in the morning.  If I have no reason to be up early, I can sleep until 1-2 pm with no problem.

I'm not tagging anyone because most people have already done it.

Happy 2008!

Jan. 1st, 2008 01:28 am
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It's about an hour and a half in, but I didn't want to wait too late into the new year since I didn't do it before the old ended.

Hope every one had safe and fun celebrations.

I spent mine with family-brother, sisters, parents, and nephews.  Most of the time was spent making things out of craft foam with 2 of the youngest nephews (5 & 6 I think *blushes*... not sure their ages).  We had a lot of fun though.  Came home about 12:30, which wasn't bad... just had to walk across the street.

*hugs to you all* :D 
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A few weeks ago, the PDA my nephew gave me to use started giving out. :P  The power button didn't always work until finally, it came almost all the way off.  So I started searching around ebay to see what I could see.  Considering that it's mainly going to be used for reading fanfic, I didn't want to spend a lot and had my heart broken 4 times before I finally won one last Monday. :D  (Gosh, that last minute of bidding is SUCH an adrenalin rush! *grins*)

It came yesterday!!! :D  After doing my little happy dance, I started playing around with it. :)  It's a Dell Axim X50v and so far works very well.  It's got wi-fi built in so I can use the internet in bed.  It's also got a 624 Mhz processor which means I can also watch fan vids on it! :D  And they play as clear and as smoothly as my PC.  I just have to carry headphones with me. *grins*

I'm going to be having so much fun now!!! :D
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I've been picking up new sheets little by little over the past month or so.  Back in August, I got  a new matress and decided to get new sheets then and got some good ones... 300 count from Walmart.  Not much more expensive than a regular set.  But soooooooooooo much softer and more comfortable!  (Seriously... stories about Lex Luthor or Brian Kinney being picky about sheets.... they're RIGHT!)  I also got a couple 500 count top sheets on clearance too.

I just put a new set on tonight and my new bedskirt and comforter.  How bad is it that I have 300 and 500 count sheets and..... a Superman comforter on my bed.  Let's not forget my stuffed animals at the head of my bed. *grins*

Does this mean I have a decadent inner-child? lol
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I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO want one!  Finally a new car that doesn't look all curved and streamlined.  I like hard angles on my cars... especially Lamborghinis!

Clicky to watch video.

Article with pictures here.

Oh.... and the cost......   Only €1 million, that's around $1,500,000.00 US.  *grins*   And there are only 20 being made.


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