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So [ profile] orionrezil has been having a LOT of fun doing his own type of manips.  Ever since he was a wee boy, he was obsessed with and old adventure game called Quest for Glory (thanks to my brother).  Lately, he's taken to doing manips from screencaps inserting various other pop culture bits and pieces into game images.

His latest is with Supernatural and I promised if he posted it to LJ, I'd share with you guys so you can see what Dean, Sam, and even Baby look like in all their 8-bit glory.  I tease him about these (that's what an aunt's supposed to do, right?), but I do think they turn out pretty awesome.  :D's the link to his post if you'd like to wonder over and see it.
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We had a cookout out my brother's today and my contribution was a Pina Colada cake.  Been a LOOOOONNNGGG time since I made a cake from scratch, and made icing from scratch too.  Was a lot of fun, but took most of the day to bake and decorate.  This was my first attempt at making roses, which turned out ok, but not great.  Had fun trying different decorating tips to see what I could do.

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Happy Mother's Day to all the mommy's out there.

We had a nice cookout at my brother's.  I got to practice my cake decorating skills. *G*  Mom loved how the cakes turned out. :D

2015-05-10 13.48.06.jpg

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Every year when [ profile] orionrezil gets his tax refund back, we have a day out together (I do his taxes for him lol). Today was our day, did movies & dinner.

We went to see Seventh Son. It was such a fun fantasy movie, with some pretty cool effects, especially the dragons. And of course, Ben Barnes, who I swear has not aged (possibly de-aged) since The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Still so very pretty!

Then, for dinner... something new for me: sushi! I love seafood, but sushi never appealed to me. Ori pretty much hates fish, but likes sushi. O.O Yeah... not asking. So, we decided to do sushi for dinner. OMGNOMMMMMS!!!!! Soooo good! Can not wait to go again. Though, with how expensive it it, it'll be a while. :( But it was definitely a fun treat and a very fun day. :D
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We were just talking about Smallville and how we both wish Lana would stay dead.  She came up with the perfect solution.... which is kinda a kill two birds with one stone scenario too:

Send Sylar after her.  He can eat her brains, but then it would probably kill him because there are no brains to eat.  *grins*


Though, yes, I know Sylar doesn't survive off eating brains, but there's got to be something toxic in Lana's head that would kill him too.

Sorry to all the Sylar fans out there... he just creeps us out!  *shudders*

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My nephew gave me his old Compaq IPaq to use to put stories on to read at night instead of using my phone.  He got a new one a while ago and I guess just thought about letting me use the old one.  :D  And yes, he knows I'm reading slash. lol  He even came up with an idea for a background/menu theme for me with Clark and Lex that he said he'll put on for me. *grins*

I just love my nephew.  hehehe
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My whole family knows of my Superman obsession... not like I try to hide it.  *grins*

My one sis had a present ordered for me, that I had no idea about.  It came in today and she gave it to me.

This is what she got me...

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I called every possible store that carries DVDs this morning and only Circuit City had the Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition in stock. And they only had one left!! My mom went to Circuit City and got the last set and waited for me for a half hour till I got off for lunch to pick it up. She's the BEST MOM EVER!!!!! EEEEEEEE!!!!!


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