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So [ profile] orionrezil has been having a LOT of fun doing his own type of manips.  Ever since he was a wee boy, he was obsessed with and old adventure game called Quest for Glory (thanks to my brother).  Lately, he's taken to doing manips from screencaps inserting various other pop culture bits and pieces into game images.

His latest is with Supernatural and I promised if he posted it to LJ, I'd share with you guys so you can see what Dean, Sam, and even Baby look like in all their 8-bit glory.  I tease him about these (that's what an aunt's supposed to do, right?), but I do think they turn out pretty awesome.  :D's the link to his post if you'd like to wonder over and see it.


Jul. 11th, 2008 01:30 am
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[ profile] ferdalump... THIS... is for you. ;D *hugs*

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The other day [ profile] roxymissrose shared some pictures of her Superman collection and I promised pictures of my own... of whatever I collect. lol Which is anything that grabs my attention. So... here you go. :D

clicky for piccies )
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My best friend and sister are TEH EVOL!!!!

My best friend's daughter got her a seal Webkinz for Christmas.  She's always telling us about how cute it is playing with it on line and the games and all.  My sister ended up breaking down and got herself an elephant, but she couldn't stop there.  She got me a beagle, too - because I used to have a beagle.  I named my Webkinz beagle after my beagle-Lee Bear.  And you know what....


It doesn't help that I ended up getting a new one today.  *grins*  I got a Himalayan cat.  :)  I needed a unique name for him sooo.... after reading this Torchwood fic yesterday ( I named him Ianto. :D

For the fic... even if you don't know anything about Torchwood, but like LOLcats.... I definitely recommend reading it. :D  I was literally ROTFLMAO!  (And I know I saw that story recced by someone on my list but forget who it was.  If you're out there, please let me know... I owe you a HUGE thanks for that *grins*)


Mar. 4th, 2008 10:37 pm
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OMG! Whether you like Transformers or not, you have GOT to see this!!!! I was ROTFLMFAO!!!!!

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Leaving Walmart today, saw an advertisement for a new Barbie movie - Mariposa!!!  Of course, first thing I thought of was 

[profile] roxymissrose's story Mariposa. *grins*  Though I doubt Barbie's movie would make me cry.  But, imagining Clark with butterfly wings like Barbie has on the ad is quite amusing. :D

So, Roxy... why didn't you tell us about your movie? hehehe

If any SV/Clex fans haven't read this yet... you seriously need to.  It'll rip your heart out, but it's worth it.

*hugs Roxy*



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This is a complete and direct copy from Yahoo.  The article is from the Associated Press.

A giggle to start your morning. :D

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Usually commercials annoy the life out of me... but the new Jeep Liberty commercial is just about the cutest thing I've seen! *grins* I love it so much I even downloaded it.

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Ok... hopefully this will be the last one tonight. My nephew is being evil and sending me these links.

This one had me laughing so hard, he heard me upstairs. And my stomach hurts!

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*iz ded from teh cute*

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This is our puppy, Snickers.  He's a cockapoo.  Isn't he cute? :P lol

Don't let looks fool you.

Anyways, I was tired today and had a headache and had a thought (just the one).  Now, poor Snickers if fixed (thank god *evol grins*), but if he wasn't, and was bred with a poodle.... would that make their puppies a cockapoo-poo?  *grins like a fool*

Ok, maybe not so deep, but I had a long day at work. :P  *grumble, mumbles about idiot people and pipsqueek guys who try to be rude to me even though I could kick their ass*
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WARNING:  Do NOT read this if you value childhood memories and Easter candy (warning for swearring too).  hehehehe

I've been debating whether I wanted to post this or not, expecially after the reaction to my Little Bunny Foofoo rewriting.   *grins*  But anyways... here goes...

Last warning... do not proceed if you do not want childhood memories to be scarred.


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