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Snagged from [ profile] herohunter and [ profile] quiet__tiger.

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Leaving Walmart today, saw an advertisement for a new Barbie movie - Mariposa!!!  Of course, first thing I thought of was 

[profile] roxymissrose's story Mariposa. *grins*  Though I doubt Barbie's movie would make me cry.  But, imagining Clark with butterfly wings like Barbie has on the ad is quite amusing. :D

So, Roxy... why didn't you tell us about your movie? hehehe

If any SV/Clex fans haven't read this yet... you seriously need to.  It'll rip your heart out, but it's worth it.

*hugs Roxy*



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I never see the Valentine's and Love Meme's until after they're over.  :(  And then I got here (A-M or N-Z) to check to see what is said about my friends and get a surprise.... 3 lovely people left me messages! :D  Do you know how happy and giggly that makes me. :D *grins*  It really made my morning so happy and bright!

To those who left me messages:

-"You are a sweetheart. *hugs*"  --  Awww... *hugs* You're a sweetheart for saying so! :D
-"A caring friend who is always there to bight up my day! *hugs*" -- You're going to make me blush!  *hugs*
-"Sweet and quirky and generous" -- hehehee  I'm quirky!  I love it. *hugs*

To everyone on my f-list - I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!  I love and appreciate you all.  *hugs and kisses everyone!*
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Thanks [personal profile] jans_intentionsfor  my baby llama. :) *giggles*

I think I'll name him Kuzco. hehehe

*pets llama*

Have a safe and happy new year. :D
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HUGE thanks to [profile] nanoa.  She was so wonderful and sweet and offered to make me a header for my journal, and helped me get it uploaded too!

She combined my two loves right now - Michael Rosenbaum and Gale Harold!  Go look how pretty and drool-inducing it is!

*sits and stares and stares and stares*
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Look at all my new beautiful Methos/Highlander icons!  All the pretty, yummy neck porn!  *points to most favoritest new icon* *drools*

They were made by the most awesome [profile] tes_fic.

Here's the rest:

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OMG check out my AWESOME new icon!!!!  *squees*

[personal profile] lapetite_kikimade me a special manip for my birthday and I asked for Clark and Lex playing pond hockey.  Go here and check it out and tell Kiki how much she totally RULES!  :D  *hugs Kiki!!!*


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The paid lj time was so nice of you. :)

*lots of hugs*
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I just talked to Moose's vet.  Everything is going ok so far.  

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who gave me encouragement yesterday and good thoughts.  I can't say how much it helped.  I love you all! :D *lots of hugs in kisses*

And a special thank you to

[profile] feliz581 for the gifts on my profile and the extra thoughts. :)



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Since I don' t have [personal profile] svmadelyn friended, I didn't bother looking at her Valentine's Day game post till tonight.  Out of curiousity, I wondered over and was so thrilled and surprised to see one for me.  :)  I feel so loved now. :D

I hope whoever sent it... as well as all my friends had very nice V-Day's. :D  *hugs you all*

Thank you!

Feb. 13th, 2007 10:59 pm
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To the anonymous person who gave me the pretty red rose on my profile page. :)  I feel all warm inside now!  And Happy V-Day to you too. :D


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