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Today had to be the funnest day shopping I have ever had.  Even though I do go shopping almost every Saturday, it's not too often I really have fun doing it.  I was just hitting all the right sales/clearance sales. *grins*

It started at Payless.  I got 2 new pair of sandals, one about 3 inch heal wedgies (black straps over the toes and buckles around the ankle), the other 2 inch skinny heals (rainbow striped strap over toes and front of ankle, plain white elastic strap on back).  They were on clearance for $6.00 each, and my sister had a 10% off coupon. :)

Next was Staples.  I got a stereo headphone/handsfree set for my cell on clearance for $4.50 and a bluetooth headset for $9.50 - both are Jabra brand. :D  Both work perfectly for my phone too. *grins*

After that was Fashion Bug... the only clothes store I really love shopping in.  My family is in there so often and have been shopping there for so long that the sales people know us and look forward to seeing us.  Is that a good or bad thing? lol  I just adore Fashion Bug.  I usually get at least one $10 off of $10 coupon a month from them, then I get rebate coupons with my credit card.  And their sales and clearance prices are THE BEST!  I got a pair of pants and 7 tops for around $23.00.  I don't think I EVER paid full price for anything from that store. :D

To end it, we had to make our weekly stop at Walmart.  My favorite purchase today..... my Superman comforter!!!!!!!  And it was on clearance for $16.00!!!!!  It was normally $40.00!!  :D :D :D :D :D :D :D   (Did I overdo the smilies a bit? *grins*)  Now all I gotta do is get my sheet set yet and I'll be happy.  (and wait for the Transformer bedding to go on clearance *grins*) (yes I refuse to grow up) ;)

So I am quite the happy gal tonight. :D  Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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*GRINS*  Check out my new keyboard I ordered for my computer here.  I can't wait to get it now. :D

And my brother got pretty much everything figured out for my computer.  It's gonna be under $700.00 without a monitor.  I'll get the monitor a bit later.  It's gonna have a P4 3.4 GHZ processor, 1 GB Ram (will upgrade to 2 GB after I get this paid down a bit) and 500 GB hard drive (will add another 500 GB hard drive a bit later too).  I'm taking the DVD burner drive from my computer now to put in it and just getting a basic dvd/cd rom as well.

I can't wait till tomorrow to order everything now!!!! :D

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Has anyone read this?  Is it worth reading?

I belong to a book club and this is offered.  Is it worthy of Superman and the JLA?  I've seen mixed reviews on Amazon.
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Is it bad that I don't need to order checks for probably at least a few months or so, but I am really tempted to order now so I can get these...

I have an offer for free labels and everything.  I'll probably break down and do it. *grins*
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Has anyone played this or know someone who has?  I just found out I can download it and was curious before I did.
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My whole family knows of my Superman obsession... not like I try to hide it.  *grins*

My one sis had a present ordered for me, that I had no idea about.  It came in today and she gave it to me.

This is what she got me...

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I called every possible store that carries DVDs this morning and only Circuit City had the Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition in stock. And they only had one left!! My mom went to Circuit City and got the last set and waited for me for a half hour till I got off for lunch to pick it up. She's the BEST MOM EVER!!!!! EEEEEEEE!!!!!
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I give up trying to deny it.  I am officially obsessed with Superman in practically any form (though I don't read the comics... couldn't afford to keep up with them).  A few months ago, I bought a Superman cake pan, but because it was on sale.  And of course, I had to get the icing coloring kit to go with it.  Shortly after that, I bought a small sport bottle because it came in a Superman insulating pouch.  I did fine for a while, then last weekend I got a Superman binder for my craft books.  Last night I downloaded the Superman: The Movie theme and made a ringtone for my cell.  Today... I got a food sample in Walmart just because there was a Superman Returns standee by table and I saw booklets with Superman (Routh's) on the cover.

So I hereby announce I am totally and completely obsessed with Superman, be it Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, Brandon Routh, or Tom Welling.  Between Han Solo and Superman, they share my heart, though Lex Luthor (only Michael Rosenbaum's though), had a nice cozy spot in there too.

Now, I'm off to find good pics to make me a Superman icon. :)
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I finally went to see Superman Returns today. I didn't think I'd like it after seeing some of the trailers and reviews for the movie. But guess what... I LOVED IT. Well... everything except for Kate Bosworth's Lois Lane. She was way too prissy and "feminine" for the character. Lois is supposed to be a bulldog type woman, not someone who looks like she's gonna cry every few minutes.

I was surprised how much I liked Brandon Routh's Clark/Superman. The only thing that really irritated me about the character was Clark's hair. I just hated how it fell over his ears. It made him look more like a kid in need of a haircut than anything. Even though I've heard all the Christopher Reeve comparisons, it was really kinda weird how much Brandon resembled Chris in some scenes... including his voice. Though to me, Christopher Reeve will always be my favorite Superman.

My favorite scene was when the bank robber thought he'd try to shoot Supes in the eye... HA! That had to be the flattest bullet I've ever seen, and Supes smirk after that... GOD!!! If nothing else, I fell in love with that smirk. I really need to find a screencap of that look.

It was also just awesome hearing John Williams' score again. That man is just an incredible composer! I also liked how they used the footage and voice-overs of Marlon Brando's Jor-El and the Fortress was kept similar.

I'm glad I decided to give the movie a chance... and yes, I'll be adding it to my Superman Movie collection. I'd recommend checking it out even of you only like Superman a little bit.
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Just saw in the newest Avon book that they are coming out with Superman and Supergirl watches.

(Feel free to pass this along.)


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