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It's that time of year again. My annual Moose-Spam! :D

Three years ago today, Moose stole my heart and took over my life, house and bed. lol And I wouldn't give it up for anything. :)

I was surprised that I hadn't taken very many pictures of him this year, just these. And they are all from my phone! I'll definitely have to change that for this year.

Moose )
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This is our puppy, Snickers.  He's a cockapoo.  Isn't he cute? :P lol

Don't let looks fool you.

Anyways, I was tired today and had a headache and had a thought (just the one).  Now, poor Snickers if fixed (thank god *evol grins*), but if he wasn't, and was bred with a poodle.... would that make their puppies a cockapoo-poo?  *grins like a fool*

Ok, maybe not so deep, but I had a long day at work. :P  *grumble, mumbles about idiot people and pipsqueek guys who try to be rude to me even though I could kick their ass*
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My iguana, Peter, died today.  :(  I don't know what happened or if he was sick or anything.  He was between 9 & 10 years old.

I do know my window in my bedroom will be very empty for a long time.  And my bedroom will be too quiet without him jumping around his cage. :(

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One year ago today, we made an addition to our family.  I went with my mom to the Human Society to get our dogs' their licenses and decided to look at the kitties for adoption.  

See... growing up, I've always had a kitty, until the past 8 years.  Our last kitty, Zubie Jaromir Petr Lemieux (a Manx) died at only a year and a half old.  We think he got into antifreeze while running around outside.  It was really hard after he died to think about another cat for a while.  We had another kitty for only about a month around 4 years ago.  She was given away by a friend of my sisters and was supposed to be a realy friendly loving cat, but was nothing like that.

So, as usually happens, when you're not looking for something, you find it.  I saw Moose in his cage and had to hold him.  Three things attracted me to him... 1-he is a Manx which are generally very friendly cats, 2-his name (an inside joke with me and my nephew), 3-he's just so adorable!  As a bonus, he's also already fixed.  As soon as I took him out of his cage, he snuggled right into me and started headbutting my chin.  That sealed it. lol  I brought him home and he's taken over ever since... especially my bed.

Isn't he just so adorable!
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This is one of the reasons I love my kitty so much.   *grins*

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Decided to post some pictures of my pet iguana, Peter. He's a spiney-tailed iguana... about 9 years old. He's only about 21-22 inches long and since I started feeding him this weird fruit/veggie blended mix, he's been gaining weight pretty good. Unfortunately, I don't handle him though.

A couple of these are of him eatting, which can be pretty neat to watch... especially when he's eatting dandilion flowers. He likes to swallow them whole almost.

Peter... )


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