Jun. 14th, 2013

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I'll begin by saying that I am just a Superman fan in general. Granted, Christopher Reeve will ALWAYS be my Superman, but as long as the general idea of Superman and his ideals stay the same, I'm open to some changes.

That said, I went into the movie with no preconceived ideas of the movie at all. I stayed away from pretty much anything but the commercials and previews. I just wanted a really good Superman movie with a really good Superman and Lois. That's exactly what I got.

Henry Cavill was really fantastic as Clark/Superman. He was great at letting Superman's humanness show through. Though, it was rather freaky how much he looked like Tom Welling! I'm assuming it's more because he's younger that he got the role over some of the other actors who were in the running, because if they wanted a Tom look-a-like, they could have just gotten Tom. lol Seriously, there was a scene when Clark was maybe 15-16 and it could have been a scene from the early seasons of Smallville! Henry is also very very very pretty, with some VERY white teeth! *g*

Amy Adams did a good job as Lois. She had a tough, no-nonsense way about her, but a feminine side without being too girly. Wish she had bit more dialog though.

I think what surprised me most was Russel Crowe as Jor-El. I'm not a big fan of Crowe's but I don't dislike him either. His portrayal of Jor-El was very impressive, it came across strong, caring, and intelligent.

The movie was almost 2 1/2 hours, and I wouldn't have minded if it was longer. There were some scenes that kinda seemed rushed, but I don't think there was really a lot of just 'filler' scenes either. Some of the fight scenes may have been a bit longer than necessary, but that seems to be the thing in action movies any more. I'd definitely give it a solid A, but I may be a bit biased just because it's a Superman movie.

The cool thing was, there were 2 short special behind the scenes/making the movie vids shown before the movie. One with the cast talking about the movie and one with Zac Snyder talking about making it.

On a side note, if anyone's interested - both Walmart and Amazon have the last few seasons of Smallville for 15-17.00 each. I got season 7 (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] orionrezil) last night. Just need 8-10 yet. :)

Thus ends my poor attempt at a review. :)


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