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2008-08-30 01:26 am

Look how pretty!!!


Look at my gorgeous new header!!! The incredible and amazing [ profile] nanoa made it for me. :D

I wanted something to reflect the fandoms I'm in right now and she did an incredible job putting it together. :D Look at how beeeeeeuuuuuutiiiiifuuuullll Methos, Captain Jack, Ianto, Lex, Brian and Justin all look together! :D *dreamy happy sighs*

I think I'm going to just sit and stare at it for a bit. hehe
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2007-11-29 12:27 am

More icon fun (QAF - SV - Gen)

Been playing with filters in Photoshop mostly, but having fun with it.  Also... I love how easy the text tool is to use. :D

Played with some more QAF pics, a few Lex, and some general animals. :D

I'd love to hear what you guys think.  :)

These are sharable, please just credit me. :)
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2007-11-26 11:49 pm
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More Photoshop playing (QAF/Gale Harold Graphics)

Started playing in Photoshop a wee bit more.  I'm still stuck in the stone ages with Paint Shop Pro 5 *grins*, but there are some things I like more in Photoshop... like the Magic Wand for selecting.  It seems more specific in colors it selects.

My current obsession is Gale Harold from Queer As Folk so that's who I've been having fun with. :D

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2007-11-13 11:36 pm


Had some fun the past couple night making some more icons.   The one on this post. *grins*  I wanted to use my beloved Countach, but I had better pictures of the Murcielago, plus.... that's the car Lex drove in "Heat", except purple. ;D

Had a bit of fun with this one:      Just for the heck of it. ;D  Debated on "noble steed" and "faithful knight", but steed sounded more fun. *grins*

And I finally got a copy of Photoshop to play around with.  I'll be having so much fun with the text tool in that if nothing else. :D
See:      *pets pretty Christian* ;D 
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2007-11-02 12:02 am
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Totally QAF GIP! *grins*

I just had to show off my new icon.  This is probably the longest I've spent working on any kind of graphic in a  long time.  I'll never been a great manipper like some of my friends, but I do like playing with images some.  I used to make collages for my desktop all the time.

It took me probably about 2 1/2-3 hours totally tonight to make the screen caps, choose which ones to use, edit the pics and make the animation.  I know that's not really a long time, but I feel kinda proud now. *grins*  Especially since I've been wanting to do something with this image since I first saw the episode.  :)
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2007-02-27 08:58 pm

I want a touch-a-vision monitor.... (A Gale Harold/Michael Rosenbaum picspam)

Seriously... you know how people talk about smell-a-vision when watching cooking shows.  I want touch-a-vision.

Cuz every time I look at pictures of Gale Harold on my computer, my fingers automatically want to reach for the screen to play with his hair.