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OMG... you have GOT to go over to [personal profile] qafmaniac's journal and check out her newest QAF video... she made it for me!!! *twirls and dances til dizzy*  The vid is here: 

It's to Queensryche's Gonna Get Close To You... my 2nd favorite song of their's.  OMG.... how do I love Queensryche!  *grins*  Pair them with Brian and Justin and sex..... *MELTS!*

Hot, hot, hot vid!  :D

*is excited beyond words*
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[ profile] wachey gifted me with the most adorable, SQUEEEE worthy picture I've ever seen for giving her her 500th comment. You MUST go to her journal here: and check it out.

My request was any combo of Bruce, Lex, and Clark in either human or kitten form. She draws the most adorable DC kitty characters. I'm more than happy, excited, and pleased with what she came up with.

Please take some time to look at her other kitties too... and check out her kitty stories. You won't be disappointed. :D

Thank you SOOOOOOOO much [ profile] wachey. :D
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Run over, right now... go on, you know you want to. Stories are already being posted over here - [ profile] harlequin_sv.

If the stories match the cover prompts, which I'm absolutely certain they will, we're all in for a treat! :D


Jan. 9th, 2007 12:29 am
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Since I'm greedy (I want more stories! *grins*) and love this idea, I'm pimping [personal profile] teot's new Smallville fanfic challenge:

Smallville Harlequin Challenge

I know a lot of you will probably see this elsewhere, but like I've said before... I'm not above begging, pleading, bribing, or giving puppy dog eyes to get what I want... this time, it's more fic!  Besides... just one look at the covers is enough to hook you!  lol  If only I could write...  *pouts*

So if you're interested in writing or reading the stories when they are written, surf on over to [profile] harlequin_sv and check it out.

I can't wait to read the stories. :D


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