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Not giving a review, because I can't say anything without giving away anything.  (I'm horrible like that.)

But I will just say.... SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   INDY is STILL the man!!!!!   And OH what a DAMN fine looking man he still is!  *drools*

Oh Harrison.... if only every man could age as well as you.  ;D

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This is mostly for [ profile] roxymissrose and [ profile] quiet__tiger... or any other Ryan Reynolds fans. :D

So... the movie The Nines...

A lot different than I thought it would be. It's actually kind of 3 separate mini-films in one, but they all tie together. Ryan Reynolds, Melissa McCarthy, and Hope Davis have a role in each 'film'.

The first is about an actor (Ryan) under house arrest.

The second, Ryan's character is a writer trying to get his tv show made starring his best friend, Melissa's character.

The third is about a husband (Ryan), wife(Melissa) and daughter. Their car dies in the middle of no where and Ryan goes to find help while his wife and daughter stay with the car.

The stories are very entwined and it's hard to say much about any of them without giving away details. They each have their funny moments and both have very suspenseful parts. It gets almost mentally scary at times but the ending was such a huge surprise.

If you like thinking movies where you have to pay attention to almost every little detail, this is a great movie. But it's not so much of a thinking movie that it's not enjoyable. It's an hour 42 minutes, but there's so much happening that it doesn't seem like it.

As a plus... Ryan does have a few shirtless scenes. :D

It's one I could watch over and over. I rented it to see what it was like, but will definitely be buying it.
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Pardon me while I squee!!!!!  Finally some preview pics from the new Indiana Jones movie:

*dreamy happy sigh!*

Harrison looks so damn FINE in that outfit still. ;D
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I am not a person who likes war movies.  I don't search them out.  Frankly, the only reason I heard of this movie was because of Christian Bale.  Would I have watched it if he hadn't been in it, probably not (depending on who the other actor was), but I doubt the movie would be as powerful without Christian.  I was glued to the screen the whole time, and it's just over 2 hours.

The movie itself is about Dieter Dengler, a German-American pilot captured during the Viet Nam War, and his escape.

There are a few slightly gross parts which may bother some people, but the movie is rated US PG-13, so nothing very graphic.

So if you get a chance, I would definitely recommend seeing this. :)
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First off... got Kickin' It Old Skool.... so I can FINALLY see it! :D  Probably will watch tonight.

Secondly... got a new monitor for my computer. :D  It's a 20" LCD flatscreen. :D  OMG....going from a 17", 7 year old monitor to this... WEEEEEEEEEE!  *grins*  It's the same size as my TV in my bedroom though. lol  But now... it'll be so much fun watching fanvids and dvds... and looking at manips. :)

*iz happy*
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I was watching the movie White Nights tonight, for the first time in a LOOOOOONG time.  I loved the movie when I was younger and watched it all the time on HBO (when we had it).  Like any other girl who watched the movie, I had a mad crush on Mikhail Baryshnikov.  I did love the movie for itself and the dancing too, though, other than the dancing, I really forgot a lot of the plot since I watched it last.

Anyways.... I'm watching and this new character comes on screen, looks and sounds so familiar, but couldn't place who it was.  Tall, really lanky, short hair, glasses.  I didn't realize who it was untill the guy took his glasses off.... it was John Glover.  He played a guy name Scott who worked at the US Embassy in Russia.  OMG what a HUGE difference, though that was 20 years ago.  lol  He was kind of cute in a geeky sort of way. *grins*
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OMG!!!!  How much do I love this movie!  :D  It was definitely worth the 2 month wait to see it.  The story was awesome (I really need to find the graphic novel now), the actors were just incredible (more on that later), the visual effects were just totally cool.  If you don't mind a bloody/gory movie *grins*, I totally recommend it!  :D

Mr. Butler, may I please worship at your feet?  Your thighs (GUH!)?  Your abs (Double GUUUH!!)?  Your chest?  Anywhere near you at all?  I loved you before, and love you even more now... totally lusting now. ;)  Even if the movie sucked... seeing Gerard running around in a codpiece and cape would have made it totally worth it... that and the one butt shot. ;)  *drools*

Whoever came up with the idea of having all the guys go through 6 weeks of physical training to get in shape... THANK YOU!!!!  Talk about washboard abs... and then some. ;)  Even David Wenham (Farimir from LOTR) had a drop dead gorgeous body!

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Finally got to see The Prestige tonight! Since I can't talk much about a movie without spoiling it, I will not say much but...

WOW!!!! That was the first movie in a LONG time that actually surprised me! And as much as I love Hugh Jackman... I didn't like his character much. And I have LOVED Christian Bale ever since Newsies (please say at least someone remembers this movie *grins*). I was kinda indecisive about his character but the ending cleared it all up and of course I still love him! ;) I just have to see the movie a few more times to completely understand it. lol

And I am proud to say my newphew and brother did not drown in my drool like my nephew feared he would. *grins*
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My brother told me an interesting fact about the Prestige and mid-90s comics.

In the mid-90s, Marvel and DC combined for a series of comics, which combined characters from each universe. One of these characters is Dark Claw, a combination of Batman and Wolverine. The two actors in the Prestige are Christian Bale (Batman) and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine).

Here's a link for more info:
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I finally went to see Superman Returns today. I didn't think I'd like it after seeing some of the trailers and reviews for the movie. But guess what... I LOVED IT. Well... everything except for Kate Bosworth's Lois Lane. She was way too prissy and "feminine" for the character. Lois is supposed to be a bulldog type woman, not someone who looks like she's gonna cry every few minutes.

I was surprised how much I liked Brandon Routh's Clark/Superman. The only thing that really irritated me about the character was Clark's hair. I just hated how it fell over his ears. It made him look more like a kid in need of a haircut than anything. Even though I've heard all the Christopher Reeve comparisons, it was really kinda weird how much Brandon resembled Chris in some scenes... including his voice. Though to me, Christopher Reeve will always be my favorite Superman.

My favorite scene was when the bank robber thought he'd try to shoot Supes in the eye... HA! That had to be the flattest bullet I've ever seen, and Supes smirk after that... GOD!!! If nothing else, I fell in love with that smirk. I really need to find a screencap of that look.

It was also just awesome hearing John Williams' score again. That man is just an incredible composer! I also liked how they used the footage and voice-overs of Marlon Brando's Jor-El and the Fortress was kept similar.

I'm glad I decided to give the movie a chance... and yes, I'll be adding it to my Superman Movie collection. I'd recommend checking it out even of you only like Superman a little bit.
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If you like old movies, this is one I recommend for everyone... The Black Swan starring Tyrone Power (one of the BEST actors EVER). Originally released in 1942, Fox Studios FINALLY released it on DVD July 11. Happy happy joy joy!!!

I first saw this movie when I was about 10 or 11 on AMC (when they actually used to play classic movies with no commercials) and watched it practically every time it was on after that. I instantly fell in love with the movie. Tyrone Power plays the best pirate EVER. Granted, compared to special effects today there's no flashiness to the sword fights or sea battles, but the sword fights still rock.

I'm just glad you can't wear out a DVD because this one is gonna be played quite often. :D


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