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Last night, Moose passed away. He was almost 15 years old and spent the last 8 years 8 months giving so much love and affection to our family, and some torment too. He really took over the house from the moment we brought him home. He claimed anywhere he wanted to lay, which was everywhere. Our house is going to be much quieter and empty now.

I love you Moose, and will miss you greatly. :(

2014-02-24 20.19.23 Moose
January 21, 2006 - August 21, 2014
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It's that time of year again. My annual Moose-Spam! :D

Three years ago today, Moose stole my heart and took over my life, house and bed. lol And I wouldn't give it up for anything. :)

I was surprised that I hadn't taken very many pictures of him this year, just these. And they are all from my phone! I'll definitely have to change that for this year.

Moose )
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Moose won Pet of the Week again. :D

He's got some VERY tough competition this week:  a husky/german shepherd pup named Bandit Dixi.  Even I have to admit that she's adorable! :)

Moose would appreciate the continued support, but he completely understands if you'd chose Bandit instead.  He's a gracious kitty. ;)

Moose Won!

Oct. 22nd, 2007 01:31 pm
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Moose won Pet of the Week for last week. :D  Last I checked, he was winning by 301 to 132 votes for a 69% win. :D

He's up again this week against a new cat named Mouse! lol

Moose thanks everyone for their support. :D

If you want to help him again this week or even just check out his competition, the link is
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A local free newspaper has a weekly "Pet of the Week" contest.  My dad sent in a picture of Moose and he's up this week.  He was winning for a few days, but now is behind by about 6 votes.  I think voting ends Oct. 15.

Moose needs your help!!!!!

Please take a few seconds and go here and give him a vote.  He promised he'd purr nice a loudly for everyone who votes for him.  :D  

ETA:  Errr... make that... this was opened the 15th.  Silly me.  I think it runs through Sunday.
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Moose came home today!  :D

I have never felt so releived/excited/happy!!!!  He's on an antibiotic for about a week now and a prescription cat food from now on.  When the nurse brought him out for me, he just snuggled into my arms and butted my chin with his head.  :D

I'm gonna go spend time with my baby now.

*huge hugs for everyone*

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Talked to a nurse this morning.  The catheter was taken out, and there was still a bit of blood in Moose's urine.  She said it'd be best to call in the afternoon to find out how he did during the day.

Talked to a doctor tonight.  They had to put the catheter back in.  He got blocked up again.  They will be taking the catheter back out again tomorrow morning and if he urinates on his own, Moose can come home probably Friday.  If not, the vet said he'd probably have to have surgery.  To have the surgery, he'd have to go to another vet. 

Right now I'm trying to be positive about it and hoping that just the catheter will do the trick, but I'm back to being scared again. :(  I have to wait till tomorrow afternoon to find out more.

I just want my baby better and home.
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I just talked to Moose's vet.  Everything is going ok so far.  

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who gave me encouragement yesterday and good thoughts.  I can't say how much it helped.  I love you all! :D *lots of hugs in kisses*

And a special thank you to

[profile] feliz581 for the gifts on my profile and the extra thoughts. :)



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I haven't really posted much about personal stuff here, but my heart hurts today.  I had to take my kitty, Moose, to the vet and leave him.  :(

He wasn't feeling good yesterday-not going to the bathroom, not eatting, vomitting, very listless.  Took him to the vet at 1:30 pm today and the vet said he has a urinary tract infection.  I had to leave him so they can try to get it cleared up.  As soon as the vet said about leaving him for a few days, I started to cry.  It's a good thing my Mom and nephew were with me because I couldn't answer any of his questions.  I feel like I left my child there!  :(

Usually Moose hates riding in the car.  My nephew held him on the ride to the vets and Moose didn't make a sound, just laid in his arms.  Then at the vets, none of the dogs bothered him.  Usually he's hissing and growling at them.

The good news is that the vet said since Moose is in good health and we caught it quick enough that he has a very good chance for a full recovery.  I'll just need to change his cat food, which will be no problem.  I don't care what it'll cost or what it takes, as long as Moose can have a healthy, happy life, I'll do/pay whatever it takes to get him better.

I'll find out how things are going tomorrow after 10 am.  Tomorrow morning can't come soon enough.
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One year ago today, we made an addition to our family.  I went with my mom to the Human Society to get our dogs' their licenses and decided to look at the kitties for adoption.  

See... growing up, I've always had a kitty, until the past 8 years.  Our last kitty, Zubie Jaromir Petr Lemieux (a Manx) died at only a year and a half old.  We think he got into antifreeze while running around outside.  It was really hard after he died to think about another cat for a while.  We had another kitty for only about a month around 4 years ago.  She was given away by a friend of my sisters and was supposed to be a realy friendly loving cat, but was nothing like that.

So, as usually happens, when you're not looking for something, you find it.  I saw Moose in his cage and had to hold him.  Three things attracted me to him... 1-he is a Manx which are generally very friendly cats, 2-his name (an inside joke with me and my nephew), 3-he's just so adorable!  As a bonus, he's also already fixed.  As soon as I took him out of his cage, he snuggled right into me and started headbutting my chin.  That sealed it. lol  I brought him home and he's taken over ever since... especially my bed.

Isn't he just so adorable!
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This is one of the reasons I love my kitty so much.   *grins*


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