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I finally got to go to a comic convention! Went with my brother and [ profile] orionrezil to Steel City Con in Pittsburgh.

OOOOOHHHHHHH MY GOD!!!! Sooooooo much fun! So tiring too, but worth it.

Got to see panels with:

Michael Dorn (Worf on ST:TNG & DS9) & Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax on DS9). They had a bunch of cute stories, including that they influenced their relationship on the show. They knew each other before and wanted to work with each other more on DS9 so they decided they were going to flirt. It worked and gave us one of my favorite ST pairs. :)

Peter Mayhew!!! I got to see Chewie!!! Probably as close to Harrison Ford as I'll ever get. LOL His panel was more conservative, but still awesome. He told quite a few stories from filming the original movies.

Finally... Henry Winkler! The FONZ!!!! He was so funny and so sweet. Would not let anyone ask a question without telling him their name first. I expected his panel to be fun, but not as funny as it was.

I can't wait until April and we can do it all again. Gates McFadden (Bev Crusher from ST:TNG) & Karen Allen (Marion from Indian Jones) will be there. :D

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Awesome!!! So glad you got to go. I've never been to a Henry Winkler panel but I went for his autograph once and he could not have been sweeter.

Karen Allen is very cool - love her in Starman. She has great chemistry with her leading men.

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It was so much fun. We had as much fun looking at all the vendors as we did at the panels. The con is a con/toy expo so there was a lot to see. The convention center was a decent size so it wasn't too overwhelming. The killer part was the walk up the parking lot to the center, which was just a slight uphill walk the whole way in the rain. :P

I'm not sure if there was another room available too or not, but there was only one being used for the panels which made it nice. Didn't have to choose which ones to see. And all 3 panels were right after the other. Adam West and Burt Ward were supposed to be there too, but I guess Adam had to back out to have back surgery. It would have been nice to see them too, but the three panels we saw were who I wanted to see.

I haven't seen Starman in ages! But Karen was my favorite Indy gal. Marion was such a strong character. I can't wait to see her.

Ok... I'm done rambling. *G* ♥


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